No dice.

Hamilton pops out on the Gold Ball, and Justin Morneau is your 2008 State Farm Home Run Derby champion.

But we all know who the people’s champion was.


Still very impressive. Hey anyone catch Mr. Morgan trying to analyze Hamilton when he was telling the pitcher to throw the gold ball? Morgan mistakenly stated that Hamilton wanted him to throw the ball lower. Just morgan being morgan.

Looks like Mr. Hamilton now has himself a few million more fans!

Loved the Rocky music btw.

Hamilton was a hero tonight. Tonight will definitely be remembered for a whiiile. Morneau must feel undeserving. He hit 13 less homers than Ham, but won and not to knock him but it’s obvious the winner will not be remembered tonight. Great Home Run Derby.

I suspect that there are a great many people who felt that the broadcasters love for Mr Hamilton’s story – or for his performance tonight made them a bit disrespectful to a person who is loved and respected by a great many fans in Minnesota, Canada, and throughout our country. The respect for Justin Morneau by his fellow major league players was demonstrated by their all star game ballets.

His questions about participating for fear of hurting his efforts to help his team, the smile on his face when Hamilton hit home runs, and the modesty and class he demonstrated in the awards ceremon are something that we would all do well to remember and to emulate.

Morneau won and nothing can take that away. Hamilton should have saved some energy for the last round if he wanted to win.

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