That’s a wrap.

Here’s the final word from Morneau…

“It’s lucky that we got reset after the first two rounds,” Morneau said. “[Hamilton] deserved to win, and I got lucky that he got a little tired. That was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen.”

I concur. Hamilton wowed us tonight, and $250,000 was donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. So I’d say this was a rousing success, aside from having to listen to Chris Berman for three hours.

Thanks for joining me here in the land of electronic homers. And feel free to stop by my “CastroTurf” blog sometime. We’re open all night.



Josh Hamilton hits more homeruns in the ?FIRST? round than Justin Morneau hit in the entire contest, set an all time single round record, and he lost? What a shame!!!

Here is my suggestion:

1. The contest should maintain a cumulative total throughout ALL ROUNDS

2. Top four contestants should advance to second round as in current format.

3. The two qualifiers for FINAL ROUND are the two players who have the ?MOST? cumulative homeruns.

4. The contestant with the ?MOST? cumulative homeruns wins the contest.

If this format were in place Justin Morneau would have had to hit ?AT LEAST? 12 homeruns in the final round to have a chance at winning the contest.

A change to this format will ensure that contestants will give their all in each round because their “CUMULATIVE EFFORT WILL BE REWARDED”.


I suspect that there are a great many people who felt that the broadcasters love for Mr Hamilton’s story – or for his performance tonight made them a bit disrespectful to a person who is loved and respected by a great many fans in Minnesota, Canada, and throughout our country. The respect for Justin Morneau by his fellow major league players was demonstrated by their all star game ballets.

Saying that you don’t want to take anything away from Morneau does not mean that your are not trying to do so when you say that Morneau should not feel that good about winning and that Hamilton was the real winner and the person who would be remembered.

Morneau’s questions about participating for fear of hurting his efforts to help his team, the smile on his face when Hamilton hit home runs, and the modesty and class he demonstrated in the awards ceremon are something that we would all do well to remember and to emulate.

Hamilton did great but hitting that many homers in the 1st round is not how you win. Yopu have to make it to the finals and hit more then the other guy. Justin did that and won. And he deserved to win! That is how the rules of the game have been. Maybe they will change the rules in the future so ESPN can get the storyline it wanted but for that is the way it is,

The format of the Derby is odd. Usually a Derby consists of the best of the best winning. Meaning the most home runs wins. In this case, a meager 14 hr’s get a player into the derby. And averaging 5.5 a round claims them the champion. If it was called the Home Run Marathon, this would be appropriate. But instead it is called a derby. If you watch the Kentucky Derby, the horse with the fastest time wins.(aka most Home Runs). If you watch the HomeRun derby. The player with the most Home Runs wins……..we wish. Instead the player who hits the least consistently wins. In tonights derby, 28 Hr’s might have been 5.
Now wrapping it all up………don’t we all wish this was a marathon and not a derby, and Vice versa. In a Derby, Hamilton would be the winner, a marathon would deam Morneau the winner.

So, wrapping it up……..I think both are great players. Yet, I feel Hamilton was the better

We can complain about the current home run derby format all we want but we have to realize that the players knew how it worked. Its unfortunate that a great player like Morneau is having a shadow cast upon his win. Yes, Hamilton did get more home runs, and no, maybe the way the derby is run isn’t the best way, but the fact of the matter is, is that those are the rules and that is the format that they played last night.

I have to agree with a comment made earlier about the lack of respect and commentary that Morneau received from the ‘booth’. As a Minnesota Twins die hard I was a little frustrated. And I think it should be mentioned that the announcers stated on more than one occasion the number of times that the person with the most homeruns hasn’t been the winner. They talked about numerous instances when a player dominated the first and second round and then were unable to replicate in the third, thus unable to attain the win.

I just ask that Morneau receive the credit he deserves. According to the current rules he won, fair and square. He did a great job and he is an amazing asset to a low salaried team that time and again do not receive the credit they deserve. I think the way in which Morneau handled himself and gave credit to Hamilton says a ton for the type of player and human he is, and Minnesota should be proud.

What Hamilton did was amazing for sure. And I agree he deserved to win. But so did Morneau! I think people need to give him more credit as well.

Hamilton is freak, but lost his endurance. Morneau still had some left in the tank. Is the homerun derby about endurance? No, it should be about who can hit the most the furthest. The format should be based on that premise. How? I’m sure they will figure something out after this occurance.

Give Morneau the credit however, he had enough endurance to win. That is how you win the competition.

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