Five for Morneau

Here’s the play by play on Morneau’s final round…

Morneau makes three quick outs, then goes upper deck in right.

ESPN’s Erin Andrews walks by the fans seated behind home plate, and the guys go crazy as she waves. That had nothing to do with Morneau, but those cheers were louder than the ones for his upper deck homer.

Morneau goes deep again to deep center before making his fifth out. Then he grounds one to the right side for his sixth out and pops one to right for his seventh. He’s at two homers with three outs to go.

Morneau gets a pitch up in the zone and cranks it out to the upper deck. He’s at three homers. He flies out to right-center for out No. 8. He flies out again for No. 9.

The Gold Ball comes out, and Morneau knocks it out to the right-center bleachers. The crowd gives him the golf-clap treatment. Hamilton has won this crowd over.

Morneau blasts another to the upper deck for his fifth homer. Not that the crowd noise would indicate as much. He lines one to right for his final out.

Decent round for Morneau, but will five be enough to hold off Hamilton? Depends how tired the dude is after that monster first round, I guess.

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worried about the tired old guy… too bad he can’t go to his pen. ;o)

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