Line ’em up

Here’s the order for tonight’s Derby…

1. Dan Uggla
2. Grady Sizemore
3. Evan Longoria
4. Chase Utley
5. Lance Berkman
6. Justin Morneau
7. Ryan Braun
8. Josh Hamilton


Marcu Thames from the Tigers should be in Home Run Derby. I have never seen a player with the pop on his bat that he has. Jim Leyland said the only other person who he has seen hit pop ups that match Thames is Mark McGwire.

Sizemoe AC?!?! reallly?? first Kevin Blackistone calls him Gary… now you? Grady can’t get any respect tonight… here’s to hoping the underdog brings back the hardware to Cleveland tonight!

My money is on Hamilton. There’s the short porch in right and Hamilton is a good guy who has overcome a lot. He has to win.

think morneau is feelin’ it. he made a point about getting a good night’s rest before the derby (read their official club blog at and i just have a feeling.


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