Morneau makes his case

The crowd is pretty dead after Hamilton’s heroics. All that chanting and cheering sapped the life out of the fans. Either that, or they’re just saving up their energy for when he comes back out. In fact, many of the All-Star players have cleared the field, as well. This is a party that peaked too early.

Justin Morneau also looked pretty lifeless early in his second round, but he was able to knock out five quick ones after four outs. That placed him one shy of tying Berkman, and he did so with seven outs, lifting one into the first row of the right-center bleachers.

The tie-breaker came with eight outs, Morneau turned on one up in the zone and lifted it out to right. Then he added insurance with back-to-back shots to the middle of the bleacher section.

The onus is now on Ryan Braun, who needs 10 homers to tie Morneau and have a chance at advancing to the finals.

Hamilton — 28
Morneau — 17
Berkman — 14
Braun — 7

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