Sizemore sizzles

Next up is Grady Sizemore (useless tidbit: his first car was a Chevy Blazer; his current car is a 1966 Lincoln Convertible). Sizemore’s pitcher is Tribe bench coach Jeff Datz, who might be the first side-armer in Derby history.

Sizemore certainly followed Uggla’s lead. He also turned his first two swings into homers — a majestic blast into the right-center field bleachers and a towering shot into the upper deck in right. After a couple outs, Grady went upper deck again. Three outs and two shots to right later, he was approaching Uggla territory. He equaled Uggla’s opening-round mark with eight outs, lifting one out to left. Alas, when the Gold Ball came out with nine outs, Sizemore’s liner to right hooked foul.

So Uggla and Sizemore both have six. Clearly, the ball is jumping out of the House that Ruth Built tonight.


loved Big Papi’s reaction to that shot that almost left… WOW is right!

Am I the only one that heard Utley? lol

Grady had to be at a disadvantage with Big Daddy throwing side arm.

yeah I’m not so sure about his selection of pitcher… anybody heard an explanation why he chose him?

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