Justin’s time

Justin Morneau (uselless tidbit: he wears No. 33 in honor of hockey goalie Patrick Roy) was the last man added to the Derby field and a bit of a hesitant participant. Last year, he questioned whether the ’07 Derby might have screwed up his swing in the second half, as he only hit seven homers after the break.

Well, who knows if Morneau will pay the price for what happens tonight, but, at the moment, he must be happy with his decision to participate. Following the trend of the night, he got stronger as his round progressed. He hit four in a row with seven outs and five homers on six swings. He also went deep with the Gold Ball, just clearing the right-field wall with nine outs.

All in all, it was an eight spot for Morneau, so he jumps into a first-place tie.

Berkman — 8
Morneau — 8
Uggla — 6
Sizemore — 6
Utley — 5
Longoria — 3

Next up: Braun

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