Showing off Braun

Ryan Braun (useless tidbit: his family name was “Koufax” until his mom remarried and took his stepfather’s name) was having a pretty uneventful round until he reached the six-out mark. He looked dead in the water at that point (one homer at the time), but he knocked a couple liners out to left and gained some momentum.

From that point, Braun was in control. He hit his fourth homer with seven outs, then knocked out three in a row with eight outs — the last of which going to the opposite field in right-center.

It wasn’t flashy, but it was enough for Braun to advance.

Berkman — 8
Morneau — 8
Braun — 7
Uggla — 6
Sizemore — 6
Utley — 5
Longoria — 3

Next up: Hamilton, rounding out the first round


Uhm… Did you happen to notice the Riley guy for ESPN made a comment about how all the 8 contestants are white? Another guy who should be getting paid the big bucks.

Ah, it was Rick Reilly that said it. He’s a humorist, I get it now. These dueling crews had me confused.

Also, has anyone written about the fact there are three Jews (Braun, Kinsler and Youkilis) in the All-Star game? We’re way over-represented here.


I am not saying the comment was inappropriate or something because it was offensive. I am saying that I think Grady Sizemore would find that an odd comment, considering he isn’t white.

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