On the Chase

The aforementioned loud, drunk Irish guys from the 4 train who picked Chase Utley (useless tidbit: he drives a hybrid and is an animal lover) might have been off in their pre-Derby prediction. It took Utley a little while to get in the groove, and he’s now third on the totem pole.

Utley squeaked out a couple early line-drive homers to right and a pair of wall-scrapers with eight outs. With nine outs, he eschewed the line drives and went upper deck in right.

Other than that, the only big cheer during Utley’s round came when some little kid made a running catch of his seventh out.

I don’t think Utley’s five-spot will stand the test of time, but we’ll see.

Uggla — 6
Sizemore — 6
Utley — 5
Longoria — 3


Like I said, Utley has lost a lot of respect with his comments after his introduction.

What did he say?

Please keep blogging (especially of Berkman’s progress) I’m at work and don’t have a TV. Thanks.

After his introduction you heard some boo’s. The camera gets a close up with a microphone…and he says “BOO? FU@K YOU!!

Chase was robbed, the pitches were mostly on the inside.

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