Short round for Longoria

After another all-too-necessary commercial break, we jump back into the action with Rookie of the Year candidate Evan Longoria (useless tidbit: has never seen “Desperate Housewives).

Ah, some rookie moments here. Longoria looked a little too eager to please. His pitch selection was poor, even drawing a boo or two from the Yankee faithful. But he did deliver a shot to right-center field with one out, and back-to-back blasts with seven out (including a 446-foot homer to the upper deck in left).

Hey, kid, you gave it a shot.

Three batters in, it’s…

Uggla — 6
Sizemore — 6
Longoria — 3

1 Comment

And why was Longoria selected over say, Carlos Quentin? Carlos has 22 homers to Longorias 13? Give me a break.

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